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Back Office Humor-#1 Hmm. Is that true? Sorry about that! Well, then you might as well do whatever you can to enjoy the limited “health benefits” of your free, in-office steam facial. But assuming that you’re not actually off and out on a real “spa day” — and you’re the designated autoclave jockey tasked with loading and … Read more

“Break a Leg!” Why Having Your Cast Sawed Off Isn’t As Scary As It Sounds

In the bad old days, before the invention of the modern-day cast saw, I’m not exactly sure how an orthopedic doctor would remove a plaster cast from his patient’s newly-mended arm or leg. But I am sure it was probably not a pleasant experience. Clearly, the former way of doing it left a lot to … Read more

Steam Sterilization – What’s It All About?

You already know that an autoclave is supposed to sterilize. And you probably already know that it uses steam to do this. What you might not know (or remember from science class or your occupational training) is the basic theory behind how steam sterilization works with an autoclave. It is amazing how simple and yet … Read more

Welcome to 2015!

Ready for another year?  Maybe a few of us aren’t!  But I think most of us are.  I especially enjoy the new year because I always appreciate getting another set of twelve months to work with.  It’s like getting a fresh set of downs to score that next touchdown, or a new 24-second shot clock. … Read more

For Sale in Chandler, Arizona: Myopractic Table — SOLD

UPDATE: THIS TABLE HAS BEEN SOLD AND IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. This myopractic table was formerly used by a now-retired physical trainer for the Phoenix Suns. What is “myopractic”? Well, it’s related to┬áchiropractic, except that it relies on manipulation methods utilizing body weight and specific, finger-and-thumb massage techniques rather than the bone-wrenching, brute strength of … Read more

Why an Adjustable Procedures Table is Better Than a Fixed, Limited-Position Exam Table

Healthcare practitioners are as guilty as any of us when it comes to trying to “economize” by making a piece of equipment do something that, well, isn’t exactly what it’s designed to do. In a clinical/medical setting, that would include trying to use an ordinary exam table as an impromptu procedural table! MIDMARK offers this … Read more