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Cracking the Code: What Those MIDMARK M9/M11 Error Codes Really Mean (Part 1)

You’ve seen them pop up on the display of your MIDMARK Ultraclave. Instead of the benevolent, serene communication of time, temperature and pressure that you’re used to seeing, now you’re getting this jarring, cryptic, malevolent message of DOOM. The hidden meaning of which you have no idea! ERROR CODE ALERT Uh, oh. “What just happened?”, … Read more

Monthly Maintenance for Your MIDMARK M9/M11 Ultraclave

As much as we would love to tell you that your MIDMARK M9 or M11 Ultraclave autoclave is the most “maintenance-free” or practically trouble-free pieces of equipment in your entire back office, we just can’t do that because . . . That would be lying! After all, autoclaves are some of the most high-maintenance pieces … Read more

COVID-19: Our Personal Message

This was originally posted to our Facebook page on March 18th. We wanted to include it here for you to read. Hello!  I wanted to take this opportunity to reach out to our customers and social media friends during this unprecedented time and unique season that we find ourselves in.  Like you, we are watching … Read more

Back Office Humor-#1 Ha! We don’t do spas or facials, but still, we thought this was kinda funny. You have to work with autoclaves every day to appreciate the humor. But, maybe you are someone who likes spas and facials. Then you might as well enjoy those fringe “health benefits” of your free, in-office spa compliments of … Read more

For Sale in Chandler, Arizona: Myopractic Table — SOLD

UPDATE: THIS TABLE HAS BEEN SOLD AND IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. This myopractic table was formerly used by a now-retired physical trainer for the Phoenix Suns. What is “myopractic”? Well, it’s related to┬áchiropractic, except that it relies on manipulation methods utilizing body weight and specific, finger-and-thumb massage techniques rather than the bone-wrenching, brute strength of … Read more

Why an Adjustable Procedures Table is Better Than a Fixed, Limited-Position Exam Table

Healthcare practitioners are as guilty as any of us when it comes to trying to “economize” by making a piece of equipment do something that, well, isn’t exactly what it’s designed to do. In a clinical/medical setting, that would include trying to use an ordinary exam table as an impromptu procedural table! MIDMARK offers this … Read more