Steam Sterilization – What’s It All About?

You already know that an autoclave is supposed to sterilize.

And you probably already know that it uses steam to do this.

What you might not know (or remember from science class or your occupational training) is the basic theory behind how steam sterilization works with an autoclave.

It is amazing how simple and yet how sophisticated and scientific the whole process really is.

Here to give a quick refresher in the form of a brief tutorial video is Ms. Leann Keefer RDH MSM, Director of Clinical Education for Crosstex International.

It never hurts to go back over the fundamentals!

Now, . . .

For those of you who want to take a “deeper dive” — a much deeper dive — into the theory and practical science behind steam sterilization,  I give you the following.

It’s a full 90-minute college lecture on the subject!

A gifted instructor by the name of Steve gave this lively and full-orbed discourse on what could be titled, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Steam and Sterilization, to a group of students at the Boston Career Institute.

So, sit back and enjoy this free class:

Welcome to 2015!

Happy New YearReady for another year?  Maybe a few of us aren’t!  But I think most of us are.  I especially enjoy the new year because I always appreciate getting another set of twelve months to work with.  It’s like getting a fresh set of downs to score that next touchdown, or a new 24-second shot clock.

How about you? Do you have any particular goals or hopes or projects in mind that are on your bucket list for 2015?  Anything specific?

Ours is pretty broad-based and evergreen and straightforward: serve our customers with the highest level of integrity and quality that we possibly can as we take care of them and their equipment.  In other words, that’s always our goal.

We want to make 2015 a good year for you, in that if you employ us to do service work for you, or engage us for business in purchasing new or used equipment for your office or practice, you come away knowing that you got treated fairly and honestly and that we gave you the best of the bargain and more than you expected!  I want to be sure that you feel we always have your best interests at heart in whatever we do for you.

So whether you call us for an autoclave that isn’t sterilizing properly, or a power table that is being finicky and fussy, or some other piece of clinical or laboratory equipment that is vying for your attention, I want ZERIMAR to be the name you think of and a name you instantly associate with personal and professional and friendly service.

That’s my new year’s “resolution.”

Here’s to a happy and successful and blessed and prosperous New Year 2015 for all of us!

For Sale in Chandler, Arizona: Myopractic Table — SOLD

Myopractic Table 1Myopractic Table 2Myopractic Table 3Myopractic Table 4


This myopractic table was formerly used by a now-retired physical trainer for the Phoenix Suns.

What is “myopractic”?

Well, it’s related to chiropractic, except that it relies on manipulation methods utilizing body weight and specific, finger-and-thumb massage techniques rather than the bone-wrenching, brute strength of the chiropractor!  So, it tends to be less strenuous for both practitioner and patient.  It is considered a specialized form of neuromuscular therapy and part of the broad category of complementary and alternative medicine.

Here is one article on Myopractic.

Here is some information dealing with the professional and training side of it.

Here is a local (Chandler, Arizona) myopractor’s web site.

If you are interested in purchasing this table, it is in excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition, and is for sale at our office in Chandler, Arizona for a price of [call for price].

(480) 497-4392

You can also contact us by using this form:

Why an Adjustable Procedures Table is Better Than a Fixed, Limited-Position Exam Table

Healthcare practitioners are as guilty as any of us when it comes to trying to “economize” by making a piece of equipment do something that is beyond what it is designed to do.

In a clinical/medical setting, that would include trying to use an ordinary exam table as an impromptu procedural table!

MIDMARK offers this short video on how that can affect patient safety as well as comfort.

After all, how would you like to have your next filling replaced by a dentist who has you lying on an ordinary exam table?

For Sale in Chandler, Arizona: PELTON & CRANE Delta 8 Autoclave Sterilizer

Delta 8 front view

Delta 8 front view left corner

Delta 8 front view 2

Delta 8 front panel

Delta 8 door open 2

Delta 8 door open close up

Delta 8 door open

Delta 8 rear panel

Delta 8 rear view corner 2

Delta 8 rear view corner

If you like Pelton & Crane autoclaves and you’re looking for an inexpensive model that is compact, efficient and automatic, you’ll like this one.

It is a Delta 8 tabletop sterilizer.

Pre-programmed selections for wrapped, unwrapped, packs, liquids and even a special one to customize your cycle settings.

It was refurbished for a dental customer of ours who no longer needs the unit.  Now it can be yours whether you are a dentist, podiatrist, veterinary or medical practice or a laboratory in need of a small steam sterilizer.  This is a good one.

It comes complete with four trays–two large and two small–rack assembly, fill cup for the reservoir and drain tube with connector.

The autoclave is being sold for a very appealing purchase price of $1950.00 + tax!

We have it ready for pick up (or delivery and set up for a fee) in Chandler, Arizona.

If you’re interested, please contact us using the form below, or by calling Betty at: (480) 497-4392.

Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you!

For Sale in Chandler, Arizona: SCICAN Statim 2000 Cassette Autoclave Sterilizer

IMG_1008 IMG_1009 IMG_1010 IMG_1012 IMG_1013 IMG_1014 IMG_1015 IMG_1016

Are you a dental professional in need of a fast, compact and reliable steam sterilizer for your office?

How about a SCICAN Statim 2000 cassette-style autoclave sterilizer?

We’ve got one for sale right here in Chandler, Arizona.

This little work horse is in excellent working condition as it was recently maintained and cleaned by us for the previous owner of it.  Cosmetically, the outer casing does have some scratches and blemishes, as you can see if you look closely at the photos.  But, otherwise, this unit is clean, mechanically sound and ready to go back into service for some smart-shopping dental practitioner!

As you know, Statims are the “gold standard” for cassette steam sterilizers.

This Statim 2000 autoclave unit is being offered for sale at a price of $2500.00 (+ tax).

It comes complete with cassette, collection bottle, tube and detachable power cord.

If you’re interested in purchasing, please contact us using the form below, or else call us by phone at: (480) 497-4392.  Thank you!

For Sale in Chandler, Arizona: Philips ZOOM! Advanced Power Plus Whitening Light

Zoom light controlZoom light headZoom light

Are you a dentist looking for a Philips ZOOM! chair-side light for your in-office whitening, and you don’t want (or need) to buy a brand new ZOOM! Whitespeed?

We’ve got just the thing for you!

It is this beautiful, almost new, Philips ZOOM! Advanced Power Plus Light system.  And we have it for sale right here in Chandler, Arizona.

Perfect for the dentist utilizing the unique ZOOM! system for their patients who desire professional, in-office teeth whitening.

It is complete and practically in mint condition, and is being offered for sale at a price of $1250.00 (+ tax).

The ZOOM! teeth whitening system is one of the most widely used among the various professional-level treatments available to your patients today.

Here is a comparison of the different systems, with accompanying articles discussing important aspects of the procedures typically involved with teeth whitening.

Also, a dental consumer’s guide article discussing the ZOOM! system and teeth whitening in general.

A brief, promotional sales video of ZOOM!

A dentist in Scandinavia offers this look at how he utilizes the ZOOM! system in his practice:

If you are a dental professional interested in purchasing this light, please reply to this posting using the form below or give us a call: (480) 497-4392

ZOOM Advanced Power Plus Whitening Light (Philips)


Zoom lightZoom light headZoom light control

We just got this today.  A Philips ZOOM Advanced Power Plus chair-side whitening light.  Excellent condition.  $1350.00 1250.00 + tax.

If you’re interested, please contact us either by phone or by filling in the reply form below.  Thank you!

For Sale: Acu-Massage ST Table Manufactured by HWE, Inc., France Bed Co., Ltd.

Acu-Massage ST Table

Acu-Massage ST Table side view

The ACU-MASSAGE ST table is a full-body, motorized, shiatsu-style massage table. (Note: shiatsu is Japanese for “finger pressure”, referring to a style of massage that uses only manual pressure applied outside the clothing, with no massage oil.)

It is used for physical therapy, physical medicine, sports medicine, chiropractic, myopractic and shiatsu massage applications.

This particular table is from a customer of ours who is a retired physician, physical therapist and former trainer for the Phoenix Suns NBA basketball team (back when the U.S. Airways Center was still America West Arena).

As you can see from the photos, it is not the portable kind that you find when you do an online search for this table by name.  You’ll see listings that mention “folding legs” or that describe them as “easy to move and set up.”  That is obviously not the case with this one!  Also, some of those listings include a photo that makes it clear it is not the full-length, fixed-base massage table designed for professional office practice that you see here.  (So, be sure and read those descriptions carefully!)

There is a side-mounted control console, with an integrated car-stereo cassette player built in–which can be upgraded to a CD/MP3 player–as well as a hand-held controller, for operating the table.

Push-button controls offer pre-programmed table operation. There is also a thermostatically-controlled heater for enhanced relaxation and comfort of the patient.

Acu-Massage ST Table control panel

Acu-Massage ST Table instruction plate

The Acu-Massage ST table is preset to operate for 15 minutes. At the end of the massage cycle, a buzzer will sound intermittently and the rollers return to the foot end of the massager.

For best effect from the massager, it is recommended to use sandbags or some kind of soft-weighted material to lay across the patient’s knees and ankles during the massage. This maximizes the body-to-massager contact while it is in operation.

Dimensions of the table are:

Length: 82 in. (6 ft., 10 in.), plus additional 5 in. extension for headboard stereo speaker console

Width: 24 in. (2 ft.)

Height: 27 in. (2 ft. 3 in.)

Weight is approximately 200 lbs.

Acu-Massage ST Table end view

The ACU-MASSAGE ST table is being sold by Zerimar for $1700.00 (plus tax) as is, with no warranty. It comes complete with padded inlays, hand-held controller, side-mounted control console and attached head board speaker console for stereo sound system.  We can deliver the table to you locally (metro-Phoenix area) for a fee of $250. Or else you can pick it up directly from our north Chandler facility.

If you’re interested in purchasing this table, please call us at (480) 497-4392, or use the handy contact form below: