Cracking the Code: What Those MIDMARK M9/M11 Error Codes Really Mean (Part 1)

You’ve seen them pop up on the display of your MIDMARK Ultraclave. Instead of the benevolent, serene communication of time, temperature and pressure that you’re used to seeing, now you’re getting this jarring, cryptic, malevolent message of DOOM. The hidden meaning of which you have no idea! ERROR CODE ALERT Uh, oh. “What just happened?”, … Read more

Monthly Maintenance for Your MIDMARK M9/M11 Ultraclave

As much as we would love to tell you that your MIDMARK M9 or M11 Ultraclave autoclave is the most “maintenance-free” or practically trouble-free pieces of equipment in your entire back office, we just can’t do that because . . . That would be lying! After all, autoclaves are some of the most high-maintenance pieces … Read more