While PELTON & CRANE is no longer in the autoclave business, there are still plenty of P&C sterilizers in operation out there.

Of course, the quality of P&C sterilizers made them very desirable.  That’s why you’ll still find them in medical, dental and podiatry offices, surgery centers, veterinary clinics, schools, hospitals and laboratories, both in the public and private sector.

Over the years, Zerimar has worked on practically every model they made. (Except, perhaps, for some of the earliest ones which most likely are now in a dental museum!)

As far as the models we still service, they are:

Delta and Delta “Q” – both the (8)-inch and (10)-inch chamber diameter

Validator and Validator Plus – both the (8)-inch and (10)-inch chamber diameter

Omniclave – both the (8)-inch (“OCM”) and (10)-inch (“OCR”) chamber diameter

Sentry – (7)-inch chamber diameter

These are the “tabletop” models.

We also service Pelton’s “floor” model (which was generally sold with a matching cabinet/stand that it was placed on top of).  That would be the . . .

Magnaclave – (15)-inch chamber diameter

Now, all of these are out of production.  But many are still in operation!

So, if your facility happens to have a PELTON & CRANE sterilizer that you would like to have serviced, please give us a call: (480) 497-4392.