We’ll Take Your Dirty, Misbehaving Autoclave Sterilizer–and Transform It into a Lean, Clean, Microbe-Killing Machine!

. . . And That’s Just the Start.


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Dear Healthcare Professional or Lab Equipment Manager,

You already know what a challenge it can be trying to find an honest, reliable and experienced repair company and service provider to take care of your biomedical and laboratory equipment.

Not that there aren’t any good ones out there.

But, honestly, it can be like trying to find . . . a good doctor . . . a good dentist . . . or a good veterinarian!

And, since your office or laboratory facility most definitely has capital medical equipment that needs some attention now and again … a little “TLC” like routine maintenance, repairs, cleaning — even electrical safety testing to meet certain regulatory or industry requirements … well, then you’ve got a compelling reason to connect with a service provider you can trust.

That’s where we can help.

ZERIMAR MEDICAL specializes in the repair, maintenance and testing of certain kinds of capital medical and non-invasive healthcare equipment.  This includes autoclaves (tabletop and floor-model steam sterilizers), centrifuges, power tables, lights, infusion pumps … just to name a few.

In fact, we’ve been helping medical, health and institutional professionals with their biomedical equipment needs since 2007.

So, if you’re looking for an experienced service company that really cares about its customers … we’re here for you.

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