Why Choose Us

We’re Specialists

That means we don’t fix everything.

And that’s okay.

We concentrate on a few select items that are the most common pieces of equipment found in most medical, dental and veterinary practices — and even in some testing labs.

For you, that also means you’re not hiring a “jack of all trades, master of none”!

At the top of our list of equipment that we specialize in is, of course, . . .

Autoclave Sterilizers

No question, these are our bread and butter. We work on those bad boys day after day after day.

And, like it says at the top of our Services page, we really do take your dirty, misbehaving autoclave sterilizer and transform it into a “lean, clean, microbe-killing machine!”

We’re not kidding when we say that.

Why We’re Different

Yes, there are other companies that work on steam sterilizers — dealers and independent service firms like us. In fact, the vendor that sold you the sterilizer you’re using now probably has a service department that fixes them . . . up to a point.

We know because we partner with some of them to help serve their valued customers.

Then, what is the difference?

For one thing, we work on some of the older sterilizers that they don’t . . . some of the older sterilizers that they CAN’T (because of dealer-supplier agreements). We respect that.

And, (not to brag, but) we go beyond what most sterilizer repair folks do. Because of our very thorough practices and procedures in the shop, we can help you keep your hard-working workhorse of an autoclave clean and in tip-top, reliable shape LONG after the warranty has expired — and your equipment provider has had to say ‘no’ to any further repairs.

Now, that’s peace of mind!

Here is another reason.

You Have Our Full Attention . . . Premium ‘Personal’ Service

When you call us to work on your valuable biomedical equipment — whether it’s an autoclave or anything else — we take it as an opportunity to show that we really care about you and your equipment almost as much as you do (maybe MORE so)!

You see, once you start to do business with ZERIMAR, you’ll know right away (because you’ll feel right away) that you and your equipment are truly in good hands.

That’s because we have the experience . . . and the knowledge and the tools . . . and (most importantly) the dedication and purpose in mind — why we do what we doto serve YOU to the best of our ability.

And if we can’t help you . . . we’ll be honest and tell you so.

Now, It’s Your Turn

Shhh. . . . Listen . . .

“Do you hear what I hear?”

Your power table is moaning and groaning as it struggles to lift your patient . . . Your centrifuge is whining about the high speeds (and smelly, lint-filled, hairy conditions) that you’re compelling it to work under!

“Do you see what I see?”

Your autoclave is feeling the pressure — and now it’s steaming mad . . . and hissing at you!

“Do you know what I know?”

Time to give ZERIMAR a call . . . So, gIve us a call! (480) 497-4392

Or, use our “help, please help!” form on our Contact page.