Autoclave PM

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No doubt about it.

Autoclave repairs are what we do the most. On any given day, it is what we are picking up, delivering, cleaning, fixing, running tests on, discussing and advising on, giving instructions about.

Customers call on us because they know they can count on us when their unit breaks down.

ZERIMAR to the rescue!

That’s okay. It’s what we’re here for.


There is a better way.

It’s like your car. You know it’s going to need routine and periodic maintenance. Maybe repairs to fix what’s broken. These are, like the seasons and tides which ebb and flow, inevitable.

An Ounce of Prevention

Tell me if you’ve heard this term before–


Yes, I thought so.

Everybody from your doctor to your vet to your car mechanic to your A/C repair guy tells you. “It’s the right thing to do.”

Well, when it comes to your autoclave, things are no different. Preventive maintenance can really save you not just from the financial headache of dealing with an unexpected repair, but also from the operational headache of having to deal with the sudden failure. “Gotta reschedule!”

And while we can’t prevent ALL of those “surprises” from happening, we can certainly preempt a goodly number of them.

It isn’t that we’re psychic.

We just know what to look for in spotting “warning signs” that tell us, HEY, this needs immediate attention. Or, better take care of this now rather than later.

Our goal is to catch problems (and potential problems) while they are still small and manageable, before they grow into those BIG, ugly (and costly) ones.

Cures Can Get Expensive

Sterility assurance is already expensive enough, right? In both time and money.

Wouldn’t it be great to have some predictability and consistency for managing the costs of that assurance, especially when it comes to maintaining your autoclave sterilizer?

We think so, too.

That’s why we offer you (actually we INSIST on it) our preventive maintenance program. P.M. service.

P.M. Service (Pre-ventive)

It really couldn’t be any simpler. Once a year (or maybe twice a year, if you are a “power user”), we call you to schedule pick up of your autoclave for annual (or semi-annual) PM service.

We come to you. We take your unit in to our repair facility for a thorough “check up” and system cleaning and repairs and calibration. And just in case you cannot do without your sterilizer for a few days, or a couple of weeks, we bring you a rental unit to use in the meantime.

But, before we take any liberties with your valuable piece of capital equipment, we advise you first in the form of an itemized written estimate of what it needs and what it will cost.

And when you give us the green light, we GO!

No Surprises

Surprises are fun. Sometimes. But we try to limit these to special occasions.

You see, that’s the beauty of preventive maintenance. It enables us to reduce your chances of getting hit with a surprise breakdown (and a surprise repair bill) — or worse, the unexpected, un-budgeted purchase of a new or used replacement!

Who needs that?

Well, sadly, in that situation, . . . you would.

Our job is to help you to avoid “surprises”. (Save those for birthdays and holidays.)

Guess which is the best way for you to do this?



How Much $$?

So, how much does it cost to have ZERIMAR give your autoclave the once-a-year “makeover” it deserves to help keep it running smoothly and efficiently — just like the lean, clean, microbe-killing machine it was meant to be — with a clean, ready-to-use, loaner/rental autoclave to use while yours is out?

Well, if you “net” it out on a cost-per-day basis, it works out to be less than you think.

If you were to buy a cup of coffee at your favorite neighborhood breakfast place every day for a year, you would probably spend more on coffee than you would on autoclave maintenance! It’s actually pretty economical.

And you’ll know exactly how much you need to pay before we even start. Everything is subject to YOUR approval. You are the boss. You are our boss.

Let’s Partner

If you haven’t had ZERIMAR “transform” your dirty, misbehaving autoclave sterilizer into the clean, reliable cog in the wheel that it should be, helping to keep your practice rolling along, then let us show you what we can do to make this a reality.

YOU be the judge. You decide if you are getting the kind of VALUE you’d expect from dealing with a quality company.

We stand at the ready.

Give us a call:

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