Back Office Humor-#1

(Absconded from a sterile processing tech’s Pinterest post!)

Ha! We don’t do spas or facials, but still, we thought this was kinda funny.

You have to work with autoclaves every day to appreciate the humor.

But, maybe you are someone who likes spas and facials. Then you might as well enjoy those fringe “health benefits” of your free, in-office spa compliments of your steam sterilizer!

In any event, if you happen to be the designated autoclave jockey for your back office, you’ll want to be sure that:

(a) the steam wafting gracefully into your eyes and nostrils is CLEAN steam (i.e., not the kind that emanates from inside a dirty autoclave); and–

(b), the steam wafting gracefully into your eyes and nostrils . . . is coming from an OPEN door at the END of the exhaust/vent phase of your cycle (and not during the sterilize phase)!

Because if that isn’t the case — you’ve got problems!


Well, to start with, you want your steam to smell pretty much like. . . steam. Yes, there will be a little bit of an odor to it. That’s normal. But, for heaven’s sake, it shouldn’t smell like the exhaust hood of the kitchen range inside your favorite hamburger joint!

Autoclaves are supposed to be CLEAN, pressurized vessels sterilizing CLEAN instruments using CLEAN distilled water.


Next, the “when” of the steamy scenario.

If it occurs at the end of the exhaust/vent phase of the cycle and the door is slightly open — because it either popped open automatically or manually because YOU opened it — that’s OK. This is when you’re supposed to see some steam.


But, if you are seeing steam come out DURING the sterilize phase. . . this is a problem!

It is usually a worn-out door gasket. Usually. And if it’s not too severe, your autoclave might continue to operate. But, the steam leak is bad enough, the next thing you know the sterilizer shuts off from overheating and your load turns up “not sterile”.

Not good.

The solution?


CALL US! Zerimar.

We deal with these kinds of issues all the time. Autoclave sterilizers are our business. We’ll fix it if it’s broken. Ask about our PM (Preventive Maintenance) package. We’ll explain all the details.

Here’s the number:

(480) 497-4392

Now, quit getting steamed about this and give us a call!