Steam Sterilization – What’s It All About?

You already know that an autoclave is supposed to sterilize.

And you probably already know that it uses steam to do this.

What you might not know (or remember from science class or your occupational training) is the basic theory behind how steam sterilization works with an autoclave.

It is amazing how simple and yet how sophisticated and scientific the whole process really is.

Here to give a quick refresher in the form of a brief tutorial video is Ms. Leann Keefer RDH MSM, Director of Clinical Education for Crosstex International.

It never hurts to go back over the fundamentals!

Now, . . .

For those of you who want to take a “deeper dive” — a much deeper dive — into the theory and practical science behind steam sterilization,  I give you the following.

It’s a full 90-minute college lecture on the subject!

A gifted instructor by the name of Steve gave this lively and full-orbed discourse on what could be titled, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Steam and Sterilization, to a group of students at the Boston Career Institute.

So, sit back and enjoy this free class: