Electrical Safety Testing

ESTstickersDoes your medical, dental or veterinary practice have electrically operated equipment on-site that comes in contact with your patients?

If it does, then the subject of electrical safety testing of this equipment should be of interest to you.

Especially if your facility is inspected by federal, state or local government authorities on a regular (or irregular) basis.

You do not need to be an electrical engineer to appreciate the significance and “mission-critical” value of making sure that all of your medical electrical and electronic devices are in compliance with certain industry and regulatory standards of electrical safety.

Here is a document that may help shed some light on the general importance of electrical safety of appliances in the workplace (as well as in the home).

ZERIMAR MEDICAL performs electrical safety inspections (testing, analysis and documentation) for many of its clients on a routine schedule of annual, semi-annual, or quarterly visits to their facilities.

In addition to the testing of electrically/electronically-operated devices, we also perform an adjunct service of cleaning certain types of equipment — such as autoclaves — which warrant a separate procedure for doing this, owing to their propensity for getting dirty!

Also, for those devices that also take direct measurements of patients’ internal and external metrics — such as oximeters, blood pressure manometers, beam and electronic scales, etc. — we also perform calibrations of these.

If you would like to know more about these vital services we perform — electrical safety inspections, cleaning and calibration of your measuring and patient-interactive equipment — and how all of this can help ensure the safety and well-being of your patients (as well as employees) and maintain regulatory and industry compliance, please give us a call:

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