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Dear Healthcare Professional:

Are you looking for an honest, reliable and experienced medical equipment service provider in the metro-Phoenix area?

And does your office, practice or laboratory have equipment that is in need of repairs, maintenance or cleaning?  How about electrical safety testing to meet your facility’s safety inspection requirements?

We can help you with that!

ZERIMAR MEDICAL specializes in the maintenance, repair and testing of certain types of medical and healthcare-related equipment.  This includes things like autoclaves/sterilizers, centrifuges, power tables, infusion pumps and EKGs, just to name a few.

In fact, we’ve been servicing (and selling) medical equipment in the healthcare profession for a number of years.  And we can certainly help you, whether your practice is medical, dental, podiatry, veterinary, chiropractic or laboratory/testing.

So, What Do We Work On?

Without a doubt, what we work on the most are steam sterilizers (autoclaves).  Why?  Well, because, in our experience, that is what seems to break down the most.  In fact, your steam sterilizer probably requires more scheduled maintenance and periodic repairs than any of your other clinical or back-office equipment.  That’s no exaggeration!

So, what that means is, no matter what brand of autoclave you have, we probably we work on it.  Specifically, we see all of the well-known brands like PELTON & CRANE, MIDMARK/RITTER, TUTTNAUER, SCICAN, MDT/HARVEY and MARKET FORGE.

And within these families of brands, we see the MIDMARK M9 and M11 Ultraclave, PELTON & CRANE Delta, Delta XL (8 and 10), Validator/Validator Plus (8 and 10).  Believe it or not, we also see, on occasion, those legendary PELTON & CRANE workhorses, the OCM and OCR Omniclaves!

Now, if your sterilizer happens to be one of the large, “floor” models — like the TUTTNAUER 3840 or MARKET FORGE STML (or the now-extinct PELTON & CRANE MC Magnaclave) — no problem.  We work on those, too.

Looking for Used?

By chance, if you’re interested in buying a used or pre-owned autoclave, we do have those for sale from time to time.  Just give us a call to find out about current availability and price.

Power Tables

Got a power table that isn’t working properly?  We repair both hydraulic and electric-motor-driven power tables.  So, when you’re ready, just give us a call with the make and model (and, if possible, the serial number) and a description of the problem.  And we’ll see if we can fix it for you!

Electrical Safety Testing

Now, something that many of our clients need is annual or semi-annual safety inspection of their equipment.  This is to meet certain OSHA/Medicare or other regulatory or industry requirements.  If you’re one of those facilities, rest assured… We do that!  In fact, we routinely perform regularly scheduled electrical safety testing on capital medical equipment for many of our clients.  So, if this is something that you need for your office or practice, please give us a call.  And we can talk about what specific items you have that require this testing, and how much it will cost.

And More…

Besides all that, in addition to these main “bread and butter” items that our customers typically call us for, we also get calls for other types of equipment — everything from centrifuges to vital signs monitors…  It can be quite a “mixed bag”.

You know, sometimes (for those of us in the business), medical equipment maintenance can be like that proverbial box of chocolates… “You never know what you’re going to get!”

Who Do We Serve?

As far as the clients we serve and who they are, they are a variety of healthcare professionals and laboratories located all over the Valley/Metro Phoenix area.  And even though our focus is on those located in the East Valley — Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert and Queen Creek — we welcome clients from almost anywhere that is within a reasonable driving distance!

How About You?

If your medical, dental, podiatry or veterinary practice or lab has equipment that you would like to have serviced — or if you’re interested in purchasing new or used — please give us a call.  Or, use the contact form you’ll find on the Contact Us page to reach us.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for visiting.

Call: (480) 497-4392

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