MIDMARK autoclave sterilizers have been prized equipment in the medical, dental, podiatry and veterinary professions for decades. And Zerimar has been working on them for nearly as long!

Some older models out in the field still bear the names CASTLE and RITTER (although these trusted brands were bought out by them during the 1980s, they still put the RITTER name on their current-production power tables.)

We work on the following models:

M9 Ultraclave (9-inch diameter chamber)

M11 Ultraclave (11-inch diameter chamber)

The Ultraclaves are fully automatic, programmable sterilizers that have a self-opening door and digital display.  (Later models feature closed-door drying.)

How to Load Your M9/M11 Ultraclave

One of the more common complaints we hear is that sterilized loads are coming out wet, so here is a brief instructional video produced by MIDMARK CORP. showing the correct way to load your sterilizer.

The key to a thoroughly processed, well-dried load of pouches, packs and unwrapped instruments is proper loading of the trays.

Watch this for some directions from MIDMARK . . .

Operating the M9/M11 Ultraclave correctly is the next thing on our to-do list (after loading).

How to Operate Your M9/M11 Ultraclave


M7 Speedclave (7-inch diameter chamber)

The Speedclaves are a basic, manually operated, non-digital sterilizer — small, fast and functional!

M7 Speedclaves are no longer in production, but you can still find them used and refurbished.

All of these MIDMARK models are “tabletop” autoclaves.  Which means they are portable enough so that they do not necessarily have to be serviced in your office (which is usually more time-consuming, expensive and inconvenient for YOU).  Instead, they can be brought into our shop for more efficient, convenient and cost-effective service and maintenance, whenever needed.

If you have a MIDMARK sterilizer that needs service, please give us a call: (480) 497-4392.

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